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Campus Life

What is Student ID Card?

Student ID card is an identification card certifying student of Woosong College and all students who are enrolled must have it issued. It contains photo, class, department name, and resident registration number to certify status of the student. It can be used for library entrance

New Issue

New Comer

Applications are handed out in the first semester, and it should be filled out and submitted to contracted bank

Enrolled student

Students who have not received ID card before leave of absence shall follow same procedure as new comer and submit to department office


1 photo (3x4cm) and 1 application form

1.Student Card Reissue Application

Administration Office

2.Fill out application

Attach 1 photo (3x4)

3.Submit application

Administration Office Fee of KRW 10,000

4.Receive Student Card

Issue will take within 10 days