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Jewerly Design Major

  • Office: Techno Design Center(E1) 811
  • Tel: +82-42-629-6166, 6436
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Vision & Objectives

Leading high value-added industry, noble metal designers, coordinator training
1: 1 customized on-the-job training to train professional designers and marketers in precious metal jewelry

Precious metals · Smart leaders in the jewelry industry, customized jewelry professionals

Jewelry Design Major is a field-compatible precious metal processing Engineer that has theoretical knowledge and practice on precious metals, and has creative and professional ability to perform according to industry-centered education goals required by jewelry processing and sales companies.

Differentiated characteristics and vision

  • System for Achieving 100% Employment Rate 1 + 1

    Now, it is not easy to survive in this age of competitive competition. Therefore, the precious metal design majors specialize in precious metal work, wax carving, processing, rendering, and marketing.

  • 1 + 1 for excellent faculty and extensive Educational-industrial Cooperation

    Jewelry Design Major has a high level of field-based education through professors with long experience in education and industry and professors who are active in the field of industry. Through Educational-industrial Cooperation with various major related industries

  • Aptitude and Ability Education 1 + 1

    The precious metal design majors are designed to identify students' abilities and conduct 1: 1 education in accordance with the aptitudes and abilities of the students so that there are no students who are underdeveloped or abandoned their majors.

  • Practical focus and customized field study instruction 1 + 1

    The precious metal design majors prepare for the job by acquiring the ability to adapt to the field with practical education in a customized field learning guidance method in industry.

  • Student counseling system is always operated 1 + 1

    In order to strengthen the ties between professors and students and to guide their career effectively, an advisory professor is designated for each student and consultation about school life and career can be obtained. In addition, you can get counseling related to personality education and employment by consulting with the Student Career Development Center. This relationship continues after graduation and helps to facilitate social life.

Career Pathway

Jewelry Designer / Craft Engineer / Jewelry Marketer Design Team Leader Chief Designer Brand Director
Year 1 2 3 5 10

Major Specialization

Expanded Employment Area

Expansion of employment path of precious metal companies

  1. Wholesale and retail trade of precious metals and fashion jewelry
  2. MD ↦ Jewelry Company Head Office
  3. Precious metals, jewelry shops and department store marketers
  4. The marketer of wedding jewelry luxury shop
  5. Designers and public relations management
  6. Online, offline sales and product and stone management
Educational-industrial cooperation (Jewelry & Marketing) Expansion of exchanges with Educational-industrial partners and practical training
Major Basic Study Strengthen basic learning ability to improve practical skills
Contest Developing global talent by increasing creativity and international exchange information by participating in domestic and foreign contests
Certificate Strengthen professional education for obtaining precious metal related certificate (Jewelry Marketers, Jewelry Coordinators, Jewelry Appraisers, Jewelry Specialists, Jewelry Processing Specialists, etc.)
Major Club / Startup Participation in trade fairs and promotion of product development, etc.

Employment after Graduation

Career Pathway

Jewelry & Accessories Designer

Fashion jewelry, gifts and ear jewelry, fashion accessories, silver jewelry etc. Jewelry design development for retailers, professional companies, department stores, road shops, luxury brands

Career Pathway

Jewelry Making Professional

Production process using precious metal processing, CAD and 3D printing to a high added value area through professional skill acquisition Manufacturers of precious metals, metal workshop

Career Pathway

Jewelry Sales and Promotion Specialist

Jewelry Professional Coordinator, MD, VMD, Jewelry Marketer, DIY & Retail Sales, Brand Marketing, Jewelry Appraisers

  • Precious metal. Design and production of jewelry

    Fine jewelry using jewelry and precious metals, jewelry design

  • Fashion & accessory design and production

    Silver and accessories of various materials, leather accessories, watches and glasses

  • On/Offline startup

    Jewelry and metal workshop (store) operation, Jewelry online shopping mall, Metal artist activity, Design freelance

  • Jewelry Specialist

    Jewelry design and production lectures

  • Domestic transfer and study abroad

    Joined a four-year university related to precious metals and jewelry, Japan. United States of America. Studying in Jewelry Advanced Courses in Italy


  • Jewelry Master Certification
  • Processing of precious metals (precious metal industrial engineer and craftsmen) certification
  • Jewelry Coordinator Certification
  • Jewelry Processing Professional Certification
  • Gem identification and jewelry appraisers certification


Career Pathway
Rendering + General Classroom
Career Pathway
Jewelry Processing Room
Career Pathway
Oxygen welding workbench
Career Pathway
Three empty rooms
Career Pathway
Jewelry Processing Room
Career Pathway
Oxygen welding workbench