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College Institution

Global cooperation center

  • Tel: +82-42-629-6462
  • Fax: +82-42-629-6950
  • Location: West Campus Woosong Hall(W7) Room 320

Center Introduction

With an objective of global education, partnership with international schools, exchange programs, international employment, and international students are being conducted.

Global cooperation center student support

International exchange

Short term exchange program,
Exchange student

Government business operation

K-Movie School,
global on-site study

International student support

degree management

Global cooperation center supports talents to enter international stage and builds positive image and brand value.

Why participate in international employment (internship)?

  • Enhance not only language skill, but also international experience
  • Widen professional knowledge
  • Achieve international certificate and improve employment competitiveness
  • Build differentiated college life and portfolio

Major activities

International cooperation strategy

  • International exchange plan and strategy
  • Promote international students
  • International cooperation related college statistics report
  • College PR document production and management
  • Operate global cooperation committee

Partnership with international colleges and industries

  • Cooperation agreement with international colleges and industries
  • Develop and support international internship program
  • International partners and industries visit

Government business operation

  • K-MOVE business
  • Global on-site study

International students and degree support

  • International student promotion plan
  • International student promotion marketing and exhibition
  • International student selection and enrollment support
  • International student management

International faculty management

  • Employ, manage, and evaluate international faculty

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