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College Institution

Development Planning Office

  • Tel: +82-42-630-9140, +82-42-629-6561
  • Location: East Campus International Management Center (E2) #205

Establishment Purpose

hen you are admitted into Woosong College, you can use various special education programs such as personality education, career counseling, psychological counseling, academic counseling, employment consultation, business program, language support program during your enrollment as well as after your graduation. It has been established and operating since August 2014 for various consultations to be received free of charge at anytime and anywhere.

Program Guide

4-WAY non-stop consultation system

It is a professional counseling system with a team of four experts, including one academic supervisor, 1 person from the student coaching center, 1 person from the personality development center, and 1 person from the student experience development center, to constitute one counseling team for all students in the responsible department, from admission to employment after graduation, all counseling including school life, career, employment, etc. are implemented non-stop.

4-WAY 논스톱 상담시스템 실현 프레임워크/ 학생코칭센터, 학생경력개발센터, 전공학과
<4-WAY non-stop Counseling System Organization>

University development planning duties support

  • Mid-to-long-term university development plan establishment and operation support
  • University specialization plan establishment and operation support
  • University basic competency diagnosis and job analysis support

University adaptation ability improvement duties

  • Freshmen and enrolled student recruitment rate improvement program development and operation
  • 4-WAY non-stop counseling program operation plan establishment
  • 4-WAY non-stop counseling program operation
  • 4-WAY counseling result report and analysis
  • University awareness improvement program development and support

University indicator management

  • National university information corporation data analysis and management support
  • University formula index improvement measure development and management support
  • University evaluation index monitoring and management support