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Department of Remodeling Architecture

  • Office: Study Information Center(E3) 901
  • Tel: +82-42-629-9940
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Vision & Objectives

Realization of professional education of 21st century’s creative architectural remodeling
Cultivate 21st century’s creative experts in architecture and remodeling

The leading role of space creation that challenges the remodeling market size of 10 trillion won Training of remodeling architects (architecture and interior)

If you have dreams to make monumental buildings that will remain in history forever, and want to become a top architectural and interior expert recognized in the field, come to the Remodeling Architecture Department of Woosong College!

The Remodeling Architecture Department nurtures professional engineers who will lead the creation of space of the 21st century.

Educational Objectives

Remodeling is an architectural technique to remodel the interior and exterior of a building with a modern sense and practicality.

Registered as a construction engineer (Korea Construction & Engineering Association)

Registered as an engineer at the same time as graduating from the industrial engineer (same as a 4-year college graduate)

Career Pathway

Beginner Intermediate Advanced Expert
  • Junior engineer in interior design
  • Architecture Junior Supervisor
  • Intermediate Engineer in Interior Design
  • Construction Intermediate Supervisor
  • Intermediate Engineer
  • Advanced Engineer in Interior Design
  • Architectural Supervisor
  • Advanced Structural Engineer
  • Interior design engineer
  • Construction Supervisor
  • Architectural Structural Design Specialized Technician
  • Staff, Associate
  • Director, Team Leader
  • General manager
  • Executive Director
Year 5 15 20 25

Department Specialization

Since its establishment in 1970 as Chung Kyung College of Engineering, it has produced about 5,000 graduates. The future of architectural environment will be developed with high growth potential and future-oriented field. Remodeling project, which has a market size of 9 trillion won, is a creative design and new construction to meet the given purpose and function of the building.

Therefore, in this department, in order to nurture the experts of building remodeling that can design and construct the interior space of the building for various purposes as well as the exterior design of the building according to various uses of the building, we focus on practical training courses to train specialists who can perform various remodeling projects in the field.

Employment after Graduation

Field of Entry

  • Registered as a beginner engineer of Korea Construction & Construction Association (Same as a 4-year college graduate)
  • Government-owned enterprises such as city hall, industrial complex, and corporation
  • Construction Company
  • Interior Design Office
  • Design Office
  • Remodeling companies
  • Civil servant
  • Transfer to 4-year colleges


Authorized architect and builder

Establishment of a qualification system by allowing engineering personnel with engineering knowledge and skills from the planning and design of the building to construction to carry out the construction work

Interior architecture industry engineering

The interior space should pursue not only the functional condition but also the satisfaction of human artistic and emotional desires. The interior space planning field of the interior space is based on the understanding of the environment and the architectural understanding, knowledge and skills to perform tasks are required. Accordingly, we want to cultivate the manpower needed in the field of architectural design.