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Division of Automation & Clean Room Engineering

  • Smart Automation Engineering Major
    • Office: Techno Design Center(E1) 600 / Tel: +82-42-629-6512
  • Energy & Clean Room Enginerring Major
    • Office: Science Hall(W4) A105 / Tel: +82-42-629-6344
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Vision & Objectives

Train Smart Automation ˙ Clean Room Equipment ˙ Elevator experts of the 4th Industrial Revolution
Train field expert of leading field of 4th industrial revolution such as Smart automation installation, production and operation maintenance, clean room facility design, construction, energy diagnosis, TAB, zero energy system

Career Pathway

· Smart Automation
· Energy Clean Room Equipment
· EOD Elevator
Staff Associate Team Manager Deputy Director Team Manager
Junior Engineer Intermediate Engineer Advanced Engineer
Year 5 10

Department Specialization

Smart Automation Engineering Major

  • Automation training in smart automation devices, logistics automation systems, smart production management, robot installation and operation maintenance
  • Practical training such as PLC, PC, smart sequence control
  • Technical training such as CAD, 3D modeling, 3D printing, etc.
  • On-the-job training on robots, hydraulic control and machine vision systems
  • Practical training such as IoT (Internet of things), HMI application
  • Two consecutive years of training LINC + Social Customized Business Smart Manufacturing

Energy & Clean Room Enginerring Major

  • Industrial clean room training for semiconductors, displays, mobile phones, etc.
  • Bio-clean room education including high-tech biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and large hospitals
  • High-rise and zero energy saving Design, construction and maintenance of buildings and remodeling field Practical worksite training including energy diagnosis and TAB
  • Operate tailor-made business for small and medium enterprises venture department for 8 consecutive years
  • Two consecutive years of training LINC + by the Ministry of Education

Employment after Graduation

  • Smart Automation Engineering Major: Manufacture and installation of large enterprises and automation systems, operation and maintenance, exceptional military service, transfer to 4-year university (Chungnam, Hanbat, and Woosong University)
  • Energy & Clean Room Enginerring Major: large enterprises, facility design, construction, maintenance, energy diagnosis and TAB, special military service, city hall. Technicians and public officials such as corporations and research institutes, transfer to 4-year university


Industrial Hygiene / Refrigeration Equipment / Gas Facilities / Fire Fighting Equipment (Machinery) / Industrial Safety / Building Equipment Industrialists, TAB Specialist / Clean Room Expert Certification Production Automation / Mechanical Maintenance / Industrial Engineer / PLC Expert Certification