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College Institution

Industry-University Collaboration Group

  • Tel: +82-42-629-6315
  • Fax: +82-42-629-6122
  • Location: East Campus International Management Center (E2) 1F

Management (Education) Goals

  • Strengthened industry-university collaboration system tailored to company connection
  • Global industry-university collaboration system establishment
  • Provision of employment support service that seeks out
  • Job development and matching that satisfies

Duties of the Student Welfare Office

1. Industry-University Collaboration Duties

  • National subsidy project application and budget management duties
  • National subsidy revenue and expenditure management duties
  • Overseas business and external research fund central management
  • Public institution, industry and academia collaboration agreement overall affairs
  • Industry connection and seminar implementation
  • Industry and university connected information oriented education implementation

2. Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Support Duties

  • Industry-Academia-Research joint technology development consortium business duties
  • Triangle of Technology Assistance for SEMS (TRITAS) university duties
  • Triangle of Technology Assistance for SEMS self-support plan establishment
  • Triangle of Technology Assistance for SEMS business duties and management