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Division of Railroad Electrical Engineering

  • Office: Techno Design Center(E1) 505
  • Tel: +82-42-629-6360
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Vision & Objectives

Train talents of Railway Electricity ˙ Electronics with excellent technique
Train specialists who can engage in the electric and ICT fields of railway electric and quaternary industries

Career Pathway

Associate / interns, semi-skilled engineer Deputy manager, general engineer Manager / team leader, supervisor Manager / Expert Design Team Leader
General engineer Work management, supervision Design Specialist Design experts Design, Planning and Management
Year 2 3 5 7 10

Department Specialization

Student / Education

  • Train railway electric and electronic ICT experts suitable for industry
  • Training for large companies and partner companies
  • Training for defense industry and midsize companies
  • Expert Training
  • Drone production, flight training


  • Operate electric equipment for Korea Railroad Corporation, KEPCO, etc.
  • Operate automation equipment for Samsung, LG, KT, etc.
  • Operate telecommunication broadcasting equipment for SKT, KBS, MBC, SBS, etc.
  • Maintenance of medium enterprise and defense industry and equipment operation

Educational-Industrial · Cooperation

  • Dispatch of industry-specific personnel training and related company field training
  • Train electronic ICT industry manpower in railway electricity through field-oriented lectures and experiments
  • Improve employment rate through employment linked to on-the-job training
  • Lecture of additional professors working in Educational-Industrial Cooperation industry

Employment after Graduation

Provide high quality products and services to Korea Railroad Corporation and Korea Railroad Corporation, KEPCO, KEPCO, SEMCO, Samsung, LG, Hynix, SKT, KT, LG U + Public institutions, KBS, MBC Transfer to four-year university such as Woosong University, Hanbat National University, Kongju National University, Chungbuk National University, etc.


Electric Railway Industry

Electric Railway Industry Engineer, Railway Signal Industry Engineer, Electric Industry Engineer

Electronic and ICT fields

information and communication industry engineer, wireless communication industry engineer, information processing industry engineer, electronic industry engineer, electronic CAD industry engineer, electronic calculator industry engineer