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Woosong College seeks motivated individuals from diverse social, economic, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds. Students are encouraged to bring their own diversity and experience into the classroom.

Admission to Woosong College is evaluated on a case-by-case basis taking into account the applicant’s academic records, Korean or English proficiency, financial status, personal essay, extra-curricular activities, and letter(s) of recommendation.

Admission is selective and students are urged to apply as early as possible to ensure sufficient time for application review, visa application, and moving preparations. Admissions are conducted on a rolling basis – students may apply any time prior to the deadline. The earliest semester to apply for is the Spring 2020 semester and the deadline is January 5th, 2020. Applications received after the deadline will be considered based on available time and space.

Contact the Global Cooperation Center by emailing with any questions related to your application.


  1. The applicant must have graduated or will graduate from a secondary education institution.
  2. Korean Proficiency: TOPIK Level 2 or higher
    (English Proficiency will be evaluated upon submission of Certified English Proficiency Test Score or during online interview.)
  3. Online Interview: Students may be asked to interview with a faculty member
  4. Financial Resources: Students must demonstrate available funds to include first year expenses
    (The average balance of your or your financial guarantor’s bank account for 6 months must be over $18,000 USD.)

Applicants who provide Korean or English proficiency scores that meet admissions criteria and pass the online interview will be considered for regular admission. Students applying with scores lower than general admissions requirements may qualify for a conditional acceptance based on the strength of their online interview. In such cases, students may be required to take additional Korean or English classes as mandatory course additions during their first semester of studies, or join our Residential Intensive Korean or English Program for an entire semester.

Admissions Process

  1. Fill out the application form : Attached
  2. Make sure you fill out and prepare all the required documents
  3. Sign and submit your application
  4. Woosong College uses rolling admissions which means that candidates are invited to submit their applications any time before the deadline.
  5. An interview is NOT required for all admitted candidates. Candidates will be contacted only if an interview is necessary.
  6. You do not need to apply separately for scholarship considerations, your application will serve as an application for scholarship as well.
  7. Contact Global Cooperation Center by emailing with any questions related to the status of your application.

Tuition & Fees

* Woosong College reviews its tuition and fees on an annual basis and these are subject to change without notice.

1) Tuition by Department

Department Tuition & Fees (KRW)
Enrollment Fees Tuition
First Year Second Year Third Year
Sol International Artsⓔ 441,600 3,877,000  3,877,000  -
Sol International Culinary Arts of Pastryⓔ 441,600 3,877,000  3,877,000  -
Sol International Hotel & Foodserviceⓔ 441,600 2,370,000  2,370,000  -
Sol International Popular Music 441,600 2,853,000  2,853,000  -
Japanese Culinary Artsⓙ 441,600 3,877,000  -  -
Culinary Arts  441,600 3,877,000  3,877,000  -
Baking & Pastry  441,600 3,877,000  3,877,000  -
Food Nutrition & Cookery 441,600 2,853,000  2,853,000  -
Culinary NCO 441,600 3,485,000  3,485,000  -
Hotel & Tourism 441,600 2,370,000  2,370,000  -
Companion Animal Science 441,600 2,853,000  2,853,000  -
Beauty Design 441,600 2,853,000  2,853,000  -
Design·Broadcasting 441,600 2,853,000  2,853,000  -
Smart Robot and Automation 441,600 2,853,000  2,853,000  -
Automotion & Clean Room Engineering 441,600 2,853,000  2,853,000  -
Automotive & Mechanical Engineering 441,600 2,853,000  2,853,000  -
Computer Information 441,600 2,853,000  2,853,000  -
E-Rail & Electronics 441,600 2,853,000  2,853,000  -
Railway Transportation 441,600 2,611,000  2,611,000  -
Railroad and Civil Engineering  441,600 2,853,000  2,853,000  -
Remodeling Architecture 441,600 2,853,000  2,853,000  -
Fire Safety Engineering 441,600 2,853,000  2,853,000  -
Nursing 441,600 2,853,000  2,853,000  2,853,000
Speech Language Therapy 441,600 2,853,000  2,853,000  2,853,000
Dental Administration  441,600 2,853,000  2,853,000  -
Hospital Administration  441,600 2,853,000  2,853,000  -
Child Educare & Welfare 441,600 2,370,000  2,370,000  -
Early Childhood Education 441,600 2,370,000  2,370,000  -
Social Welfare  441,600 2,370,000  2,370,000  -
Fashion Office Information 441,600 2,370,000  2,370,000  -
Fashion Distribution Manager 441,600 2,370,000  2,370,000  -

2) Dormitory & Meals

Type Cost
Dormitory Fee / Semester 525,000
Meal Plan / Semester 535,500
Others - It is mandatory for international students to live at a dormitory during their first year of study.
- The dormitory meal plan includes two meals per day.

Please note:

  • Enrollment fee is one-time fee paid by all first semester students.
  • Fees do not include bus fare from the airport.
  • Residence does not provide bedding, sheets, or pillows.
  • All first year students must get an Alien Registration Card upon arrival in Korea. Korean Immigration charges $31 for the Alien Registration Card. It is similar to the Korean ID card and must be carried with you at all times.
  • All first semester students (including Koreans) must have a medical checkup prior to the start of classes. Korean Medical Services charge $30 for the checkup.
  • All full-time students must purchase Korean medical insurance. The current cost is $147 annually.


For freshmen, the admission scholarship of a tuition fee waiver up to 20% will be evaluated and awarded on the basis of academic performance, personal essay, letter(s) of recommendation, extra-curricular activities, transcripts, and the Admissions Application Form itself. Applicants awarded a scholarship must still demonstrate sufficient proof of personal finances exclusive of the scholarship to enter Woosong College.

Those who demonstrate Korean language proficiency will also be given special consideration for scholarships based on the level of their TOPIK score.