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Department of Corporate Office Information

  • Office: Study Information Center(E3) 1001
  • Tel: +82-42-630-9920
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Vision & Objectives

Train Office Management Professionals
Develop professional manpower with practical skills in business affairs

Career Pathway

Staff, Associate Middle manager Chief
Manager Deputy department head Head of department executive
Year 5 10 15 20

Department Specialization

Customized training course for industry demand

  • Developing curriculum through job analysis
  • Establishment of qualification acquisition process related to industrial duties

Field training program

  • Industry Mentoring
  • Field Trip and Special Lecture
  • Special lectures on industry experts

Employment through educational-industrial cooperation

  • Employment through Educational-Industrial Cooperation
  • Industry Participation such as curriculum development, textbook development, job mentoring, capstone design

Employment after Graduation

  • Employment at enterprise from Educational-Industrial Cooperation
  • Administrative affairs, general affairs management, marketing, sales management, production management, logistics management, quality management
  • Corporate tax accountant, accounting
  • Transfer to general affairs department


ITQ Master, Computer Tax Accounting (Accounting, Tax Affairs), ERP (Accounting, Personnel, Production, and Logistics)

Educational-industrial Cooperation

46 companies including Dongyang AK Korea