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About WSI

60 years for specialized education,
100 years for global vision!
We embrace the world and dream for the world!
We will raise Korea’s best Masters!

In this era, the world is widely open for us to pursue our dreams and demonstrate our competence.

No matter whom you meet anywhere in the world, you must be engaged as a global citizen who can communicated truthfully and share your difficulties and happiness together.

As a global citizen, our students start to get prepared to take the first step into the beautiful world as a master in their chosen field who can represent Korea.

Deep rooted trees do not drift in the wind, and deep water does not dry out in the drought. Woosong College is based on a 60-year-old school corporation, Woosong Foundation, established to nurture talented individuals who will practice Independence, Righteousness, and Goodness.
In the meantime, we have grown into a unique and prestigious private school that has raised more than 100,000 people who are the foundation of our society.

Based on the 60-year tradition, Woosong College will lead the way in growing up to be the sons and daughters whose parents can be proud of. In addition, we will put unyielding efforts to help our students to lead this society with pride and dignity as Woosong graduates.

All the faculty and staff at Woosong College will constantly provide the best support and heartfelt care for our students so that they can be a true talent who has strong mind and strong body, who is considerate of others, who humbles himself and serves others, who values love and beauty, who studies efficiently, and who is not afraid to get out of their comfort zone to find the truth to achieve their dream to be Korea’s best master.

Come, join Woosong College, the excellent college that brings up Korea's best Master and make your dreams come true!