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Type of degree related certificates

학사관련 증명서의 종류
Issuing Department Type of Certificate Details
Registration Office Transcript Person with grade after completing more than 1 semester in the college
Certificate of registration Person who currently is enrolled (not applicable for leave of absence or disenrollment)
Copy of school register All contents of school register since enrollment
Certificate of leave of absence Person currently on leave of absence
Certificate of disenrollment Person currently on disenrollment (drop out, unregistered disenrollment, no return disenrollment, & etc.)
Certificate of expectant graduation Expected graduate of the semester with more than 4 times of tuition payment and expected completion of credit is more than 80
Certificate of graduation Person who graduated from the college
Certificate of completion Grade completion: person who has obtained enough credits for grade completion (grade 1: 40 credits, grade 2: more than 80 credits, grade 3: more than 120 credits)

Issue of Certificate

Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine (Korean & English Available)

  • Location: 1F Woosong Hall West Campus or 1F Study Information Hall East Campus For English certificate, it is only applicable if your English name is registered in College Information System. If you are not registered, please enter your English name in the system first.

FAX Civil Affairs Application – “Anywhere Civil Affairs System” Application (Former FAX Civil Affairs)

  • Location: Office of Eup, Myun, or Dong nearby
  • Application: fill out and submit “Anywhere Civil Affairs System” application
  • Hours: 09:00 to 18:00 (closed on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays)

Online Application

Web Civil Affairs Center ( > Login or member registration > search institute > enter and search class > select certificate > payment (Separate Proxy Fee) > Issue

Domestic postal certificate

  • Application: Visit to post office nationwide
  • Delivery: Mailman will deliver to the address of applicant
  • Hours: Working hours of post office
  • Time required: 4 to 5 days return
  • Fee: civil postal fee (2,790 won) + fee per letter (Korean: 500 won, English: 1,000 won)

Certificate Fee

증명서 수수료
  Type Fee Remark
Visiting Counter Korean KRW 500 / 1 Immediately
English KRW 1,000 / 1 Immediately
Automatic Issuing Machine Korean KRW 500 / 1 Immediately
English KRW 1,000 / 1 Immediately