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College Institution

General Affairs Office

  • Tel: +82-42-629-6110
  • Fax:
    • General Affairs Office: +82-42-629-6103
    • Purchasing Division: +82-42-629-6339
    • Management Division: +82-42-629-6203
  • Location :
    • General Affairs Office: East Campus University Headquarters (E4) 2F
    • Purchasing Division: West Campus Woosong Hall (W7) 2F
    • Management Division: East Campus University Headquarters (E4) 1F

Duties of the General Affairs Office

  • Human resources and payroll duties
  • Domestic/foreign business-trip-related duties
  • Official document receiving-and-sending-related duties
  • Security-related duties
  • Faculty certificate issuance duties
  • Tuition payment duties
  • Educational expenditure and industry-university collaboration revenue and expenditure duties
  • University budget planning and settlement
  • Funds implementation plan
  • Special accounting management

Duties of the Purchasing Division

  • Consumables and laboratory materials contract and purchasing work
  • Equipment and laboratory apparatus contract and purchasing work
  • Equipment and laboratory apparatus asset management
  • Equipment and laboratory apparatus periodical inspection duties
  • Equipment and laboratory apparatus registration
  • Equipment and laboratory apparatus maintenance duties
  • Electronic purchasing system operation
  • Integrated equipment electronic management system operation

Duties of Management Division

  • Research room (laboratory) environment safety management
  • Building renovation and electrical installation (electricity, equipment, communication, fire, internet) facility management
  • Fixtures and equipment purchase and repair
  • Building water and water heaters, garden water, septic tank collection, laboratory wastewater, and municipal waste management
  • Management of room number and name by building
  • Facility use and lecture hall lease
  • Functional staff and service personnel management