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About WSI

College Philosophy

Enhance pride and willingness, and fulfill the pursuit of truth to establish a national foundation with thoroughly independent mentality. Cultivate personality to realize humanitarianism ideology and establish personality that can be devoted to human society. Practice profound theory by being based on the spirit of educational and cultivate a new pillar for creation of history.

College Principles

자립(自立)이란/우송인의 긍지를 지녀 스스로 서는 자립정신을 뜻함, 단정(端正)이란/인간으로서 지녀야 할 올바른 인격과 품성을 뜻함, 독행(篤行)이란/지성인으로서 믿음이 두텁고 성실하게 실행함을 뜻함

Educational Objective

Woosong College shall instruct and research professional knowledge and theory needed to raise professionals who will lead national industrial development based on the fundamental principles of education of Korea.


Train global talents of creativeness and practical capability with the right personality and self-directed leadership


Excellent College for Leading Korea's best Masters!