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Woosong IT Education Center

  • Tel: +82-42-630-9810
  • Fax: +82-42-624-7075
  • Location: 63, Baengnyong-ro 11beon-gil, Dong-gu, Daejeon (Jayang-dong)

Purpose and Overview of Establishment

In order to nurture information technology (IT) experts who will play a key role in the information age of the 21st Century, the Information Technology Education Center jointly established by Woosong College and Educational Foundation Woosong Academy under Woosong College, contributes to the training of domestic information technology experts, which are absolutely scarce not only among Woosong Academy students and graduates but also nationwide, and by actively seeking employment opportunities for entrepreneurs and information technology specialists from the Education Center, we will contribute to the improvement of the image of Woosong Academy and the dissemination of information technology professionals.


Nurture professionals who will lead the future e-business industry through efficient linkage with university education

  • Training of information technology (IT) specialists
  • Practical professional training through industry-university linkage
  • Conduct customized training to meet customer needs and demand
  • Establishment of employment-linked educational institutions in professional IT education
  • Improve image of Woosong Academy as a cyber university

Related inquiry (Education Planning)

  • Education Support Team: 630-9815~6
  • Fax: 629-6538

Organization and Composition

  • Education Center
  • Research Planning Division

    • New Business Planning
    • Strategic Marketing and Affiliation
    • Government Policy Proposal General Duty
  • Advisory Committee

    • Industry-University Linkage System Consultation
    • Inter-university Cooperation Consultation
  • Training Team

    • Education Operation (Including On-Line)
    • Course Development
    • Education Management
    • Textbook Development
    • Course Proposal Writing
  • Educational Support Team

    • Educational Support
    • Administration Management
    • Overview Work
    • Lecturer Training and Discovery
    • Employment Support Test Center Operation
    • International Support Test Center Operation
    • Internet Lounge Operation
    • Technical Support and Facility Equipment Management
    • Homepage Management / Operation
  • Virtual Training Team

    • Cyber Education Operation
    • Content Development
  • 국제공인자격센터

    • MicroSoft
    • Sun
    • Cisco
    • Adobe
    • Ace

International Accreditation Center

Floor Purpose
4th Practical training room, multi-purpose lecture hall
3rd Practical training room, project performance room, break room, foreign professor’s room, international accredited laboratory, locker
3nd Practical training room / project performance room, education support room, server room, monitoring room, Director’s office
1st Internet lounge, practical training room / project performance room, information desk, consultation office

Education System and Courses (7 courses)

IT Certificate Academy


E-Commerce Academy

  • Application, Programming, Website, Development, Exper1, Electronic Commerce, Manager

S/W Engineering Academy

  • SE Training Course, S/W Engineer Course

Programming Academy

  • (Basic) Web, Programmer (Advanced) Object-Oriented Application
    Programmer (Professional) Application and Developer Java Programmer

Short-Term Course Academy

  • Internet/QA, MS Office, Homepage, C, IT Specialist (Visual Basic), e-Business

Multimedia Content & Internet Academy

  • Multimedia Web Design, Web Master, Web Programming, Web Contents, Web Construction Expert (Windows-Based)

Education on Demand Course Design Service

  • Corporate Entrusted Education Support, College Student Vacation Special Lecture Course