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College Institution

Academic Affairs Office

  • Tel: +82-42-629-6208, 6241
  • Fax: +82-42-627-7075
  • Location:
    • East Campus University Headquarters (E4) 4F (+82-42-629-6208)
    • West Campus Woosong Hall (W7) 1F (+82-42-629-6241)

Academic Affairs Office Management (Education) Goals

  • Flexible and smart service at a world-class level
  • Strengthened education for education service mindset improvement
  • Smart lecture halls and laboratories implementation
  • Thoughtful service in administration for 60,000 alumni
  • University competitiveness improvement by outstanding student attraction promotion and active public relations

Duties of the Academic Affairs Office

1. School Affairs and Faculty Duties

  • Matters concerning bachelor’s degree planning duties
  • Matters concerning opening, closing, and enactment of various regulations related to the bachelor's degree
  • Matters concerning management of professor lecture evaluation
  • Curriculum organization and operation
  • Matters concerning faculty-certification-related duties

2. Class-Related Duties

  • Matters concerning lecture progress management, cancellation and makeup duties
  • Matters concerning class planning such as course placement, course opening, timetable assignment
  • Matters concerning lecturer payment

3. School Register Related Duties

  • Matters concerning school register and changes
  • Matters concerning major assignment
  • Matters concerning grades processing
  • Matters concerning graduation and degree conferment
  • Matters concerning class enrollment
  • Matters concerning exchange of domestic and foreign credits

4. Certificate Issuance

  • Transcript, (expectant) graduation certificate, enrollment certificate, completion certificate, leave of absence certificate, copy of school register, tuition payment certificate, scholarship (non) receipt certificate, expectant re-enrollment certificate
  • Fax proof of civil service (graduation, grades, enrollment, leave of absence, etc.) issuance
  • Civil service mailing usage certificate issuance
  • Automatic certificate issuing machine operates year round

5. Student Civil Service Processing Duties

  • Receive leave of absence, re-enrollment, and leave of absence extension requests
  • Correct details on the school register (name, resident registration number, etc.)
  • Receive withdrawal from university requests