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About WSI

“Train global talents with creativity and practical skills, while equipped with proper personality and self-initiated leadership”

Charter of Ethics

The Mission of Woosong College is to train global talents of innovation, job ability, as well as self-initiated leadership and the right personality in order to achieve school lessons, ‘Independence, Decency, and Goodness’.

Based on mission of the college, Woosong College will improve the value of students by implementing student-centric, future-oriented education, and actively respond to demand and expectations of the regional society, to contribute to national development.

For all members of Woosong College to complete its mission and responsibility and implement the right decision-making and actions through moral values of each individual, a charter of ethics is enacted, and it will be used as standard to implement educational objectives, as well as establishment ideology.

All members of Woosong College declare charter of ethics to wish to create the school as a new college of a subject of studying and moral freedom.

Code of Ethics

Member of Woosong College shall not conserve administrative support and necessary research on training global and practical professional personnel with right personality and creativity, and shall work together to create ideal college community.

Member of Woosong College shall always have self-confidence, work honestly and fairly, and comply with regulations of the school.

Member of Woosong College shall try his/her best to secure transparency and fairness in accordance with related legislation and regulation for college operation.

Member of Woosong College shall continuously try to secure a qualitative reliability of education.