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College Institution

Student Welfare Office

  • Tel:
    • Student Welfare Team: +82-42-629-6312
    • Campus Scholarship, National Education Workers Scholarship: +82-42-629-6283,7
    • Off-campus Scholarship, National Scholarship, Student Loan: +82-42-629-6213, 6309
  • Fax:
    • Student Welfare Team : +82-42-629-6135
    • Scholarship Team: +82-42-630-9247
  • Location:
    • East Campus International Management Center (E2) 3F #304
    • West Campus Woosong Hall (W7) 1F

Management (Education) Goals

  • Student welfare facility improvement and expansion Student satisfaction improvement through scholarship support
  • Student council guidance activation
  • Outstanding student discovery and reward
  • Various scholarship support to cultivate great leaders as representatives of Korea

Duties of the Student Welfare Office

  • Student council activity support and guidance duties
  • Student election management committee support and guidance duties
  • Students with disability support center/health service office operation and management duties
  • Student activity support and counseling duties
  • Student reward-and-punishment-related duties
  • Physical activities support duties
  • Student accident insurance management duties
  • Student ID issuance duties
  • Graduation preparation committee support and guidance duties
  • Student newspaper/educational broadcasting station operation and management duties
  • Hobby club operation and management duties
  • Welfare duties
  • Various civil service duties
  • Campus bulletin management duties
  • Student grievance counseling duties
  • Campus scholarship payment plan establishment and budget formulation
  • National workers scholarship operation
  • Workers scholarship selection and management
  • Campus scholarship operation
  • Community service group selection and management
  • On and off-campus volunteer activity support