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Department of Hospital Administration

  • Office: International Management Center(E2) 303
  • Tel: +82-42-629-6410
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Vision & Objectives

Fostering luxury specialists in hospital management / administration
Hospital management / administration / clinic oriented to 100% employment in excellent hospitals · Training of complex specialists

Educational Objectives

It aims to achieve 100% employment in a good workplace by fostering a competent hospital management / administration / hospital coordinator, nursing assistant, and hybrid specialist in order to realize an advanced welfare society and improve the health and quality of life of the people.


Department Introduction

Hospital Management / Department of Hospital Administration, secured employment in hospital administration and clinical area

Training converged professional for 100% employment

  • Hospital administration (national official)
  • Insurance evaluator (private)
  • Medical record (national exam)
  • Hospital coordinator (private)
  • Nursing assistant (national exam)

Career Pathway

Admission and Discharging Staff Admission and Discharging Team Manager Admission and Discharging Department Manager Management and Planning Manager Administration Director
Coordinator Coordinating Chief Service Manager Management and Planning Manager
Information Management Staff Information Management Assistant Manager Information Management Deputy General Manager Information Management Department Manager
Year 3 7 10 15 20

Department Specialization

Core education

In order to provide high quality hospital administrative services and medical services to the public for improving the health of the people, it is necessary to acquire professional knowledge about hospital administration, health insurance, medical record, hospital coordinator and nursing care, The following educational activities aimed at employment.

  • Hospital

    Expertise necessary for business management (outpatient and inpatient management, reception and storage, comprehensive examination) and administration (planning, general affairs, materials, etc.) of medical institutions

  • Insurance reviewer, medical insurance company

    Expert knowledge required for the calculation of the number of medical institutions' services

  • Medical record

    The professional expertise required in the field of medical records such as the management of medical records in medical institutions, classification of disease and surgery, cancer registration, analysis and statistical processing of medical records

  • Hospital Coordinator

    Expertise required to perform customer consultation and medical manners service at medical institutions

Specialized Education

  • Nursing assistant training

    In the medical institution, the expert knowledge required for nursing or medical care assistance (as a hospital administrator, basic education for improvement of qualifications, part of the education expenses is supported as "academic encouragement scholarship" and entrusted to nursing school)

Employment after Graduation

Core education


Acquisition certificate

  • Hospital Administration
  • Insurance evaluation
  • Medical Insurance
  • Medical Records
  • Hospital Coordinator
  • Nursing assistant (commissioned training)

Employment rate
(Since 2010, the Ministry of Education official statistics, the actual employment rate is about 10-15% higher)

Educational-industrial Cooperation

Chungnam National University Hospital / Daejeon Vocational Hospital / Daejeon Central Hospital / Daejeon Korean Hospital / Eulji University Hospital / Daejeon Sun Hospital / An oriental medicine clinic Daejeon Metropolitan City Dental Society / Daejeon Medical Tourism Association / Daejeon Metropolitan City Daejeon Chungnam Nursing Association / Korea Hospital Coordinator Association / Korea Association of Insurance Evaluation and Evaluation Association


실습실 소개

OA practice room

실습실 소개

Medical information laboratory

실습실 소개

Medical manners service laboratory

실습실 소개

Medical record lab