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Campus Life

You can receive certificate from certificate issue counter during working hours or by other methods.

FAX Civil Affairs Application

  • How to apply: Apply at nationwide dong offices
  • How to issue: Issue certificate of the school by fax certificate application at dong office. Send certificate fax to the dong office. Dong office will issue the certificate to the applicant
  • Hours: Operating hours of dong office
  • Time: Within 3 hours (depending on dong office status, can be issued within 1 hour)
  • Fee: other regions 1,300 won (300 won for additional), Daejeon 1,000 won (500 won for additional)

Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine

  • How to apply: Apply at Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine
  • Hours: 24 hours, 365 days
  • Location: 1F Woosong Hall West Campus or 1F Study Information Hall East Campus
  • Time: Immediate issue
  • Fee: Korean 500won/page, English 1,000won/page

Online Application

  • Issue steps: Web Civil Affairs Center ( > Login or member registration > search institute > enter and search class > select certificate > payment (Separate Proxy Fee) > Issue
  • Time: around 3 min
  • Fee: 500won/page, English 1,000won/page (separate agency fee)
  • Payment: credit card, cell phone
  • Website Inquires: 1644-2378

Domestic postal certificate

  • Application: Visit to post office nationwide
  • Delivery: Postman will deliver the certificate to your mailing address
  • Hours: Working hours of post office
  • Time: 4 to 5 days return
  • Fee: Civil postal fee (2,790won)+fee for each page (Korean 500won/page, English 1,000won/page)

International postal certificate

  • Issue steps: Postal certificate issue website > Login or member registration > Enter student number > Select certificate > Enter address > Payment > Complete > Receive certificate
  • Time: 3 to 7 days return
  • Fee: Korean 500won/page, English 1,000won/page (agency fee not included)
  • Payment: mobile payment or credit card
  • Issue website inquires: 1644-2378