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Department of Baking & Pastry

  • Office: Culinary Center(W14) 308
  • Tel: +82-42-629-6920
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Vision & Objectives

Cultivate specialists for the pursuit of taste and health
Cultivating global talents to lead the global confectionery bakery industry through the introduction of the intensive training course

To pursue taste and health, cultivate confectionery baker to lead the 21st century confectionery baking industry

We have introduced a block-style training course, the one and only in Korean confectionery and bakery department. We cultivate specialists in confectionery and bakery fields so that we can lead 21st century’s confectionery bakery industry by having a cutting-edge laboratory and lecture system. We operate an effective curriculum that fosters skills and knowledge. Through our extensive experience in the field and guidance of our foreign teachers who have an international sense, we maximize our potential as a professional.

Career Pathway

Production staff
  • Store clerk
  • Processer
  • Educator
  • Instructor
  • Production Manager
  • Development Manager
  • Researcher
Production Manager, Bakery Manager
Year 3 5 7 10

Department Specialization

학과 특성화방안

The Confectionery and Baking Department intends to cultivate talented people who can maximize their competency in the confectionery bakery industry by introducing a concentrated training course to maximize efficiency according to the characteristics of the major and having a cutting-edge laboratory and lecture system.

Employment after Graduation

Hotel Confectionery bakery, Restaurant confectionery bakery, confectionery bakery lecturer, a large bakery and a self-employed business, a confectionery baker, a confectionery related research institute research institute, Transfer to 4-year universities, study abroad, internships, etc.



Confectionery technician, Baking technician, Coffee barista certificate, Child food cooking certificate, Cook, Decorating qualification

Baking technician, confectioner

Establishment of a qualification system to cultivate professional manpower capable of carrying out duties related to pastry and desserts with skill in baking and confectionery.

Areas of employment

Hotel confectioner, restaurant dessert confectioner, confectionery bakery cooking school lecturer, large bakery and self-employed business, franchise company confectioner, confectionery related research institute researcher, confectionery baking education institution lecturer

Educational-industrial Cooperation

No. Department Name Educational-Industrial Cooperation
1 Baking & Pastry Romanina
2 Baking & Pastry Banuatu
3 Baking & Pastry Shinsegae SVN
4 Baking & Pastry Amondie
5 Baking & Pastry HareHare
6 Baking & Pastry Monblanche
7 Baking & Pastry Tous les Jours
8 Baking & Pastry Paris Croissant
9 Baking & Pastry Minsdome