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Sol International Culinary Arts

  • Office: Woosong Tower(W13) 306
  • Tel: +82-42-629-6861
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Vision & Objectives

Developing global food and beverage experts as the Asian regional center for global food cooking education
This course focuses on evaluation and feedback. It focuses on food materials management and food and beverage management. Cultivate global talents with expertise and communication skills.

Major Description

  • A solid base

    In-depth cooking classes are available from overseas faculties who have more than 20 years of experience.

  • A fluent English proficiency

    100% English courses offered by overseas recruitment professors, basic curriculum of department and English intensive course

  • Global Mind Culture

    Multicultural Multinational Education Environment (Foreign students will be recruited from the second half of 2014)

  • Educational-industrial Internship

    Internship programs at partner schools and domestic and overseas industries.

Career Pathway

Deputy Cook Chief Cook
New Employee Assistant Cook A-B Hotel Cook Manager Hotel Deputy Cook Cooking Researcher
Hotel Chief Cook
Year 3 5 7 10 13

Department Specialization

Student / Education

  1. Block style practice for 3 weeks
  2. High tech practice room and lecture room
  3. Gield practice at in-school restaurant
  4. International standard curriculums
  5. International certificates during course
  6. Enhance English skill through English focused program


  1. Customized employment counseling for each student
  2. International certificates during course
  3. Field practice at domestic and overseas companies and special lectures
  4. Portfolio creation

Educational-industrial cooperation

  1. Overseas internship
  2. Expansion of overseas employment
  3. Educational connection program and partnership with domestic and overseas company

Employment after Graduation

Due to the development of the food culture, the social demands of the cooks require international sense and communication ability in addition to the existing expertise. Today's customers are looking for food and beverage professionals who want to communicate and interact with the culture as well as a meal of nutrition and taste, and to create and develop a new culture.

A global specialty cooking department has been established to meet the demands of the times and international trends. It is equipped with educational programs that meet international standards, 100% English courses, intensive English programs other than curriculum, and exchanges with excellent educational institutions and industries both at home and abroad. Graduates will be active as food and beverage experts who will lead future food culture both in Korea and abroad.



With expertise in wine, he is responsible for purchasing and storing wine in restaurants, wine bars, and other places where wine is handled. In the Global Luxury Culinary Arts Department, the courses of the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET), the world's leading wine and mainstream education organization in the UK, are in the curriculum and students are tested and eligible for the qualifications.


Choose a good bean and make perfect use of your coffee machine to learn all sorts of coffee, how it is produced, what flavor and flavor it is, what features it is and how well it fits with the bread.

Korean food, Western food, Japanese food, Chinese food cooking skill / baking skill person, confectionery skill person

hygienic and safe food. Qualifications are divided into categories from Korean food to food, lunch, and Japanese cooking. Plan for specific foods to be provided, select and purchase materials to be cooked, and store and manage hygienically and nutritionally purchased materials. It performs tasks relating to baking and manufacturing with skilled skill in baking and confectionery.


New construction of global luxury cooking and private buildings

Confectionery baking laboratory 2 rooms, cooking practice room 3 rooms, wine / barista training room 1 room
7 classrooms, auditorium