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Department of Fashion Distribution Manager

  • Office: Study Information Center(E3) 1001
  • Tel: +82-42-630-9910
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Vision & Objectives

Train Global Professionals to lead the 21st century
Train Professional Managers with Creativity and Practicality who will lead the 21st century

Career Pathway

Staff Senior Staff Manager, Stylist Senior Manager, Senior Stylist
Step 1 2 3 4

Department Specialization

Brand Customized Curriculum

  • Samsung Electronics B2C course only available in Daejeon Chungcheong
  • LGU +, Galleria Department Store, Large Distribution Brand's FM Program
  • Management of Distribution, Shop Master, V.M.D, licensed as distribution manager

Field-based training programs

  • Fashion Brand Competition / Startup / Internet Shopping Mall club competition
  • Brand Interview practice and Step-by-Step Consultation
  • On-the-job training

Employment through educational-industrial cooperation

  • Educational-industrial cooperation with major retailers (department stores, luxury goods, duty-free shops) / fashion brands (SPA / editorial shops / designer brands)
  • Related companies: Samsung Electronics, Galleria Tile World, Geumgang, Nike, Burberry Korea, GS Retail, SKT, KTmobile Direct (E-Mart, Hi-Mart, Homeplus)

Employment after Graduation

Shop master / distribution manager / fashion marketer / V.M.D / shop stylist / fashion MD / planning MD / buying MD / brand office information management / shopping mall / brand marketing field


Shop Master / Distributor (1st & 3rd grade), VMD / MD, Shop Stylist, Photoshop, ERP, ITQ