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Division of Food Nutrition & Cookery

  • Office: Food Architecture Hall(W15) 506
  • Tel: +82-42-629-6150
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Vision & Objectives

Train Nutritionist and cook, leading diet culture
Nurturing dieticians, cooks and food specialists who have theoretical and practical knowledge on food and nutrition

The Division of Food Nutrition & Cookery

The Department of Food and Nutrition Cooking emphasizes the importance of food and nutrition as well as changes in socioeconomic change and dietary culture. The need for specialization in food nutrition and cooking is demanded due to the growing interest in health of “well-being”. The department learns specialized knowledge on nutrition and cooking of food, cultivates practical function, and nurtures dieticians, cooks, and food-related professionals with food-related experts who work in group meal companies and professional food service companies.

Differentiated characteristics and vision

  • After completing one semester of the theoretical and cooking practice lesson that is the basis of food, nutrition and cooking, it will be divided into food nutrition major and cooking science major in the first semester.
  • Food and Nutrition major aims to acquire two or more certifications with the aim of becoming a nutritionist, a health educator, a hygienist, a food industry expert, and a food hygiene manager.
  • The Department of Cooking Science is responsible for teaching cooking courses to the Woosong cooking academy and running the curriculum aiming to train excellent cooks with block style lesson.
  • Establish various majors and enable students to learn more specialized majors in the food and nutrition course.
  • A team guidance system is established between students and professors through club activities and self-study as a study group.
  • Provide hands-on exercise and high quality training conditions for students to have various practical experiences for preparation of competitions and exhibitions.
  • To cultivate talented individuals with personalities and service manners to engage in the food service industry
  • Nutritionists who pursue health with nutrition
  • With block style lesson, develop chef who creates taste through emotional and creative thinking
  • Cultivate practitioners of food industry with practical knowledge information corresponding to local community


Based on expertise in food and nutrition, nourishing nutrition experts who work to improve the nutrition and health of the people

Training COOK

To cultivate a culinary expert who creates food taste, nutrition and value of food using various ingredients


  • 1954 Establishment of Dongah Academy
  • 1979 Established Daejeon College of Food and Nutrition
  • 1988 Changed into Food and Nutrition Department, Woosong Information College
  • 2009 Changed into Food and Nutrition Cooking Department
  • 2010 Changed to Division of Food and Nutrition, Woosong College

Career Pathway

Food and Nutrition Specialty Intern nutritionist Nutritionist A senior nutritionist
Culinary Science Cook helper Cook Head Chef Master Chef
Year 2 5 7 10 12

Department Specialization


  • Operation of national examination and certification program
  • At least two major qualifications

Strengthening educational-industrial cooperation

  • Finding educational-industrial cooperation partners and strengthening relationship
  • Practice field student through educational-industrial cooperation

Global Talent Development

  • Participation in strengthening foreign language skills
  • Overseas short-term food culture training

Employment after Graduation

  • Nutritionist

    School, industry, hotel, hospital, public health center, child care facility, social welfare facility

  • PR industry nutritionist

    Food companies, pharmaceutical companies, functional food companies

  • Well-being industry nutritionist

    Sports center, obesity management center, diet specialist company

  • Cook

    Cooks for hotels, restaurants, professional restaurants, hospitals and public institutions

  • food stylist

    Food Styles and Catering Companies

  • Instructors and teachers

    Cooking Instructor, Vocational School Teacher

  • Food expert

    • Health workers, laboratories, food industry and oil companies Quality control
    • Diet supervisor of sports center, obesity management center
    • Health consultant of Food Company
    • Menu developer, restaurant establishment