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Department of Early Childhood Education

  • Office: Social Welfare Hall(W10) 511
  • Tel: +82-42-629-6158
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Vision & Objectives

Educate early childhood educators to educate future talents

Early childhood education department responsible for future child education

To learn the knowledge of developmental characteristics and effective teaching and learning methods so that children can grow up in the whole person, we conduct field observation and practice for the education that is connected with the field. Recently, as the employment rate of married women increases due to social and economic changes and the welfare society realizes the importance of education for infants and toddlers, the field of early childhood education will become a more highly specialized field. The Department of Early Childhood Education aims to educate early childhood teachers who are responsible for the education and child care of children aged 0 ~ 6 years old.


Year History
2019~ Change to 3-year Early Childhood Education Section
1981~2018. 2 More than 4200 graduates
2018. 2 35 students 110 graduates
1981~2017.2 More than 3900 graduates
2009. 9 Opened the Woosong school kindergarten
1998. 3 Opened a nursery school in Donga
1995 Change of school name to School of Early Childhood Education, Woosong Information University
Woosong School Opened Woosong Kindergarten
1983 Opened Donga Kindergarten in Daejeon Univ.
1982 Daejeon Unemployment Junior College Establishes Early Childhood Education Department

Goals of Early Childhood Education

Develop professional early childhood teachers with personality, integrity and originality

Educational policy of early childhood education department

  • First, to develop sound personality, educational mission and ethical awareness required of teachers
  • Second, the development of professional knowledge and education skills through educational theory and practice
  • Third, to improve the practical skills such as curriculum instruction,
  • Fourth, cultivation of understanding and teaching ability related to major field
  • Fifth, developing creative thinking and information utilization ability to cope with educational change

Differentiated characteristics

  • Excellent faculty
  • Faculty of Early Childhood Education and Field Experience
  • High employment rate - Improving field adaptability with practical training
  • The latest laboratory and equipment
  • Specialized early childhood education institution: Woosong Kindergarten
  • Alumni recognized in early childhood education: supervisor in charge of early childhood education, public kindergarten teacher, public kindergarten teacher, director of public / private corporation / private nursery school, teacher of early childhood teaching material, after-school teacher

Career Pathway

Kindergarten Kindergarten Teacher Class 2 Kindergarten Teacher Class 1 Vice President of Kindergarten Head of Kindergarten
Nursery school Childcare Teacher Class 2 Childcare Teacher Class 1 Head of Childcare Institute
Year 3 6 9

Department Specialization

Characterization of Early Childhood Education

  • Establish educational advanced infrastructure
  • Strengthen capacity of pre-service teachers to improve employment rate
  • Strengthening personality education

Employment after Graduation

  • Nursery schools (public, corporate, workplace, private, home childcare facilities) Childcare teachers and facilities
  • Welfare facility childcare person (child welfare facility, community welfare center)
  • Infant education related companies
  • Transfer to a four-year university
인성과 교수능력을 겸비한 교사 양성


National Certificate

  • Kindergarten second grade teacher
  • Childcare teacher level 2

Department Related Certificate

  • Ukulele instructor qualification
  • Montessori teacher qualification
  • Korean traditional music teacher qualification
  • Origami lecturer balloon art teacher qualification
  • Recreation leader qualification / donghwaji etc.