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College Institution

Support Center for Disabled

  • Tel: +82-42-629-6238
  • Fax: +82-42-629-6530
  • Location: East Campus Study Information Center(E3) 1F

Purpose of establishment

The College of Woosong Information College supports students with disabilities to ensure equal and effective learning rights, establishes an in-school learning support system to enable healthy college life, and provides general support for students with disabilities by expanding facilities for students with disabilities.


Study support by Professors for students who are disabled


Career development and employment system for students who are disabled


Development of internal support personnel and awareness for disabled

Main tasks of the center

  • Teaching · Support for learning: Support for students with disabilities, support for teaching materials and materials, application for extension of examination time
  • Life and welfare support: Living counseling, dormitory preference support, disability student meeting, disability student assistance meeting
  • Moving support: Improvement and support for facilities for students with disabilities, support for mobile assistive devices
  • Improving disability awareness training: Improving disability awareness education, research

Other center work

  • Provide information on disabilities for students with disabilities, send out information, and receive application by program
  • Contact for individual consultation
  • Providing various services such as providing external program information, applying and confirming

How to use the center

Students with Disabilities

Reception and consultation (visit, telephone) → Support plan review meeting → Support decision notification (Assistant support, equipment support) → case management (regular counseling and follow-up) → termination evaluation

Helper student

Receptionist consultations, application for activity → discussion → connection of disability student → activity check and support

Center location

Woosong College East Campus Study Information Center 1F Support Center for Disabled
Hours: AM 9:00 ~ PM 6:00