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Department of Dental Administration

  • Office: International Management Center(E2) 402-1
  • Tel: +82-42-629-6998
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Vision & Objectives

Training the top dental management experts in Korea
Training of the Executive Director of the future dental hospital with the best dental management practical ability

Career Pathway

Dental Clinic · Hospital Staff Dental Clinic · Hospital
Coordinator / CS Manager
Dental Clinic · Hospital
Hospital Administrative Chief / CS Director
Dental Clinic · Hospital
Administration Director
Year 3 5 10 20

Department Specialization

Core education

The Dental Management Division aims to provide 100% employment after graduation by providing specialized education on dental administration, medical coordinator, nursing care and health insurance to provide high quality medical services to the public to promote the public health. In order to achieve these goals, we concentrate on the following training.

  • Hospital administration (dental management manager)

    The expertise required in the field of management (planning, personnel, accounting, general affairs, etc.) and business management (outpatient and inpatient management, reception and storage, comprehensive examination)

  • Medical Coordinator

    Expertise required for patient service management and customer consultation at hospitals

  • Nursing assistant

    Expert knowledge necessary for nursing or medical care assistance in medical institutions (foster education: scholarship for scholarship promotion)

  • Insurance reviewer, medical insurance company

    Various insurance inspections request work, insurance inspections, expertise necessary for calculation of the number of medical institutions

Specialized Education

  • Dental Professional Management Training

    We have concluded cooperation with Daejeon Metropolitan City Dental Association and Daejeon Metropolitan City dental clinic with specialized dental management education required by the association and aim at 100% employment.

  • Nursing assistant training

    In order to improve the quality of the medical institution as a medical institution, the nursing school is entrusted with education for scholarship promotion scholarship.

  • Medical Coordinator, International Medical Tourism Coordinator

  • Medicare support for male students


Medical Coordinator Practice Room

Employment after Graduation

  1. Dental hospital and one-sided hospital administrative work (Planning room, CS room, Department of Ordinary Affairs, General Affairs Division, Public Relations Office, etc.)
  2. Medical coordinator (dental hospital, university hospital, general hospital, Oriental hospital, nursing hospital, etc.)
  3. CS center director (dental hospital, university hospital, general hospital, Oriental hospital, nursing hospital, health examination center etc.)
  4. Nursing assistant (dental hospital, university hospital, general hospital, Oriental hospital, nursing hospital, health examination center etc.)
  5. Health insurance companies (private health insurance companies, etc.)
Transfer to 4-year University Dental hygiene related department, nursing department transfer and entrance


Employment related qualifications

  • Hospital Coordinator
  • Hospital administration (national certification)
  • Dental insurance claimant
  • Insurance reviewer
  • Health insurer
  • Nursing Assistant (National Certificate)

※ This department is a Department of Dental Business Management and Manpower Development and is not affiliated with national dental hygienist qualifications and duties.