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Division of Automobile · Machinery

  • Automotive Maintenance Major
    • Office: Science Hall(W4) AB106 / Tel: +82-42-629-6349
  • Mechanical Engineering Major
    • Office: Woosong Sol Car Autotech (S5) 203 / Tel: +82-42-629-6564
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Vision & Objectives

Training of smart-tech core technicians with professional theory and practical skills in mechanical industry
We cultivate manpower tailored to industry with creativity that has the right personality in smart industries, smart cars, and energy fields, which are core fields of the future industry

Career Pathway

Mechanical Engineering
  • Smart automation equipment maintenance technician
  • 2D and 3D modeling technician
  • Smart Automation Facility Management Specialist
  • Design Associate
  • Factory Production Management Specialist
  • Design Specialist
Automobile Repair & Maintenance
  • Beginner automobile inspection and maintenance technician
  • Automobile parts production development worker
  • Intermediate automobile inspection and maintenance technician
  • Automobile parts production development manager
  • Senior automotive inspection and maintenance technician
  • Automobile parts production and development manager
Year 5 10

Department Specialization

Automobile Repair & Maintenance

  • Training the best expertise to adapt to the automobile industry by focusing on the professional theory of automobile, maintenance of automobile inspection, high-tech fault diagnosis technology and tuning
  • Operate curriculum to improve knowledge and skills of advanced automobile such as electric car and hydrogen car
  • Focusing on German car maintenance and entering the German market through expertise and technology
  • Focus on automobile parts production, domestic automobile parts

Mechanical Engineering

  • Systematic practice-oriented education for the design and maintenance of Smart Factory
  • Operate training courses to improve the engineer's skills in maintenance and production design of machinery
  • Minimize the theoretical curriculum and train field engineers as practical engineers

Employment after Graduation

Design and maintenance at large enterprises and small & medium enterprises / parts processing companies, automobile inspection / maintenance / parts companies, national and public enterprises, four-year university transfer


Mechanical maintenance industry engineer, mechanical design industry engineer, automobile maintenance industry engineer, precision machinery industry engineer