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Sol International Culinary Arts of Pastry

  • Office: Woosong Tower (W13) 306
  • Tel: +82-42-629-6847
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Vision & Objectives

Cultivate global leaders to lead the 21st century confectionery baking industry Educational Objectives
Through a variety of overseas internships and job opportunities, Cultivating talented people who are active as cultural creators and cultural communicators

The Global Confectionery Baking Department, which will be established in 2015, aims to nurture global leaders who will lead the bakery industry in the 21st century.
The global phenomenon seen in food culture in recent years is that the clear boundaries of food culture by national / cultural are disappearing due to the promotion of overseas travel and the development of information and communication. We also require professional staff to create, communicate and share culture through small chocolates, breads, or even a piece of cake. Through benchmarking overseas culinary schools and providing a complete curriculum, intensive English education, lectures at high-level advanced laboratories, thorough guidance of foreign faculty who have abundant field experience, various internships and job opportunities, Graduates are expected to be active in the international arena as cultural creators and cultural transmitters as well as professional specialists.


Foreign faculty composed of departments of major hotels in foreign countries Training global leaders

  • 100% international level courses in English
  • High-level cutting-edge laboratories and lecture systems
  • Overseas training programs for overseas educational institutions
  • Overseas internships and job opportunities

The goal is to train global leaders to lead the 21st century confectionery baking industry. We are implementing the same level of education as the overseas education system by introducing a block type exercise system used in overseas major educational institutions, which aims to maximize the potential as a specialized professional by thoroughly guiding the professional skills and knowledge of the confectionery and baking field.

  • 8 hours per week of English intensive training
  • Short-term training program and licensing acquisition and operation agreement with the French confectionery baking institute INBP
  • A three-week block-based training system
  • National faculty composed of total head of departments of overseas major hotels

Career Pathway

Bread Packaging Assistant Packaging Staff Bread Manufacturing Manager Baking · Pastry Educational Engineer Baking · Pastry Chief Manufacturer
Snack Packaging Assistant Baking · Pastry Manufacturing Staff Baking · Pastry Support Engineer Baking · Pastry Manufacturing Manager Baking · Pastry Branch Manager
Baking · Pastry Manufacturing Staff Hotel Baking · Pastry Assistant Hotel Baker Head Manufacturer Baking · Pastry Deputy Manufacturer
Year 3 5 7 10

Department Specialization

Student / Education

  1. Block style practice for 3 weeks
  2. High tech practice room and lecture room
  3. Field practice at in-school restaurant
  4. International standard curriculums
  5. International certificates during course
  6. Enhance English skill through English focused program


  1. Customized employment counseling for each student
  2. International certificates during course
  3. Field practice at domestic and overseas companies and special lectures
  4. Portfolio creation

Educational-industrial cooperation

  1. Overseas internship
  2. Expansion of overseas employment
  3. Ducational connection program and partnership with domestic and overseas company

Employment after Graduation

Hotel / Restaurant / Large bakery and baker, lecturer for confectionery bakery, research institute related to confectionery, new product development, professional reporter, food material distribution company, cake designer, sugar craftsman, transfer to 4 year university, catering company, establishment



Domestic and Overseas Confectionery Specialist, Baking Specialist, Barista Certificate, Cake Designer, Baking Master, Sandwich Specialist