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Even though eras may change, the aspiring countenance of persons of talent is unchanging, real and true. This school was established on June 25th, 1954, through the values of independence, lawfulness, and, a belief in the basic goodness and decency of the human race, values that were tempered by the experience of the Korean conflict of that time. Even today, in the present era, these are qualities the value of which remains undiminished. In fact, these are times in which these qualities should be cherished more than ever before.

During the past 50 years, Woosong Education Faculty has graduated over 20 thousand students, and, now, in the new global era, we are nurturing students with the ability to succeed no matter where they go, be it Korea, the US, Canada, Europe, or the rest of the world.

Our school has the knowledge, experienced faculty and facilities "...    
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College Facts
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